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Sponsor a Bird Feeder

The State of the UK’s Birds report, published in 2013, revealed some worrying statistics concerning the decline of our native birds; even 16 species generally considered common were found to have declined by more than a third since 1995.

At GreenAcres we try to do what we can to help the birds that live in our park, whether it be creating and maintaining habitats and foraging areas, carrying our regular surveys of the species present, putting out seed and fat cakes or placing nesting boxes in the woodland.

With this in mind, in addition to our wildlife box Living Memorial options, we are now offering bird feeders as yet another way in which families can remember a loved one while supporting the wildlife in our beautiful park.

You can choose to sponsor a bird feeder that we will place in the woodland, perhaps near your loved one’s plot, which you can fill with bird seed when you visit the park. The feeder will be squirrel-proof, and will be filled with a high-energy seed mix when initially placed.

£100 for 1 year sponsorship

Please note: Bird feeders are available in Epping Forest, Chiltern and Rainford only.

Sponsor a Bird Feeder