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Living memorial

Living memorials offer an additional way to remember a loved one, as well as providing habitats for a range of wildlife. They are available to everyone, regardless of whether or not their loved one is laid to rest in the park.

Our woodlands are home to a wide range of wildlife and there are many different ways in which we are improving habitats for them. One of these is by providing habitats boxes, which can be sponsored in someone’s memory.

The boxes available will differ depending on the area in which they are to be placed, but if you have a preference please make this known when placing your order and the woodland team will be able to confirm availability in that area,

Some examples of wildlife boxes we offer are for birds, bats, butterflies, bees and ladybirds. Sponsorship of a wildlife box is for 3 years.


Mini bee box £50
Wildlife box £90
Bird box £100
Bird feeder £100
Living memorial