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Personal keepsakes

Our range of personal keepsakes have been designed to hold a small amount of ashes creating a lasting tribute to your loved one. These stunning personal keepsakes are also the perfect way of sharing the ashes between family members who would each treasure a keepsake of their own.

Crystal keepsake

Our beautiful memorial crystal keepsakes with Swarovski Elements allow you to hold a segment of cremated ashes or a lock of precious hair, to keep and treasure forever. Choose from a crystal tealight, butterfly or heart.

The Genus Bonsai Tree

The Genus Bonsai Tree is perfect for plant lovers. A small amount of ashes can be inserted into the copper ring which surrounds the tree. Over time the ring will biodegrade allowing for the ashes to feed the tree, once again creating new life from old.

Wildflower urn

Our Wildflower urn is completely biodegradable and will naturally break down when buried in soil. The inner lid contains wildflower seeds and a growing compost medium. When the flowers grow, their roots will integrate and draw minerals from the ashes.

Wildflower urn £45.00
Crystal heart with silver capsule £79.99
Crystal butterfly – silver £79.99
Crystal tea light £79.99
Crystal teal light, engraved up to 40 characters £92.98
The Genus – Bonsai tree £160.00

If you would like further information or would like to place an order please contact the park.

Personal keepsakes