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Memorial post

Ash Interment and Full Burial plots can be marked with a single wooden memorial of your choice. It is traditional for woodland graves to be marked with a simple wooden plaque, adorned with an inscription of your choice and set on a short wooden post. However at GreenAcres Colney we also offer the opportunity for personalised wooden memorials to mark the grave of your loved one.

We know some excellent wood carvers who have worked with us for many years and  will help you design something completely bespoke. All we ask is that the memorial posts work within the broad dimensions laid down by the Grounds Supervisor and do not carry any metal work which, when corroded, can leach into the woodland soil creating poor environmental conditions.


Short post (ashes or children) £275
Tall post (full grave) £350
Image on memorial plaque £50
New plaque (not including image) £160
Post-cleaning kit £25
Bespoke post-placing permit £95

 Payment is required at the time of ordering.

Memorial post