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Memorial plaques

Throughout the park we offer a range of small wooden memorial plaques which families can personalise with an inscription and motif. Made from English oak the plaque will vary in size subject to where it is to be placed. For example, a plaque can be placed on a bench, obelisk or log memorial in the scattering area.

Remembrance shelters, memorial trees and an engraved glass leaf set into the doors of the Service Hall are another beautiful addition to our parks and offer families another place where they can place a memorial. Wooden plaques are carved into an acorn or leaf shape and then attached to the structure. Please note these are not available in every park. For further information please contact the park.

Sponsorship of a memorial plaque is for a three-year period which can be renewed. The price includes an inscription of the name and dates.

Premium plaque £125.00
Prestige plaque £150.00
Platinum plaque £175.00
Diamond plaque £200.00
Carved wooden leaf or acorn £200.00
Glass leaf set into the doors of the Woodland Hall £500.00
Memorial plaques