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Book of Remembrance

An entry in our Book of Remembrance provides families and friends with a lasting memorial of their loved one. Many families who have a loved one buried elsewhere choose to commemorate them in the Book of Remembrance, taking comfort in the knowledge that the relevant page can be viewed any time when the park is open.

Entries can be up to five lines and illustrated with a motif if desired. The first initial of the surname appears in gold, with the following characters in green. Each beautiful entry is created by hand and offers families the opportunity to pay a final tribute to their loved one. The date that the inscription is entered into the Book of Remembrance is a personal choice; it can be the day of the final goodbye or you may wish to choose another date that holds particular significance to your family.

Inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance can also be viewed online, enabling family members and friends who perhaps cannot travel to the park to view the entry.

Available in our Colney, Epping Forest and Chiltern parks only.

Up to five lines with motif, gold initial and floral illustration £200.00

Payment is required at the time of ordering.

Book of Remembrance