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Grief exploration event with Jeff Brazier

Sunday 8th April 2018, 1.00-3.00pm

 Join Jeff Brazier, author of ‘The Grief Survival Guide‘ in this 2-hour exclusive Grief exploration event.

Jeff’s personal experience of loss and coaching for bereaved clients give him the perspective required to really help people through such a difficult period of their lives.

During this 2-hour event, Jeff will discuss the key areas of grief and expose the 5 main mistakes we make in the event of a loss.

Tickets are priced at £10 each + booking fee and can be booked by clicking here

By purchasing a ticket you will not only be contributing to charity with all proceeds of each ticket sold going directly to Norwood UK you can also expect to hear the truth about loss and grief that your friends or family are often not brave enough to say.

Any questions regarding the event, please tweet Jeff on @jeffbrazier.

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