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Cremation services

The cremation service was amazing. Not sombre or sad. We were able to plan our own service and the wonderful team made some great suggestions. Music so easy to arrange. A huge thank you, it was truly beautiful.

Cremations are becoming increasingly popular today. There are many reasons why people choose cremation over burial; the high cost of funerals may be one. But all too often we hear that cremation services are rushed and impersonal.

Here at GreenAcres we believe everyone should have the perfect funeral, one which is affordable and never rushed. Our relaxed and beautiful setting provides the perfect environment to say goodbye without being conscious of time.

Our beautiful Halls is where the cremation service will take place. Offering flexible seating a wall of full-length glass panels that offer breath-taking views of the park, inviting the calm and tranquil ambience into the room.


Following the service, the deceased will be taken by private vehicle to a local crematorium where the cremation* will take place. Working alongside your Funeral Director, we will ensure the cremated remains of your loved one are returned to you personally or stored as per your wishes.

Our one-hour cremation services allow you a fitting tribute to your loved one. Depending on your need, additional hours can be booked as well. Our cremation services are inclusive of the usage of our audio-visual services.


Very often when a loved one is cremated you can be unsure of what to do next. If you are thinking of a final resting place that you can visit, the cremation packages at GreenAcres will give you complete peace of mind.

A double-plot, allowing for two sets of cremated remains to be interred together can be purchased as park of a package. Our packages also include a cremation service in the Woodland Hall and the first interment fee.


Following the cremation, if you are considering an ash interment of wish to scatter the ashes, we have many different options available in the park. Whatever you decide, our experienced team will help you to choose the perfect final resting place.

For further information, please speak to a member of our team.

*The cremation will take place within 24hrs of the booked service time.