Welcome to GreenAcres

Our Woodland

Every single GreenAcres Park is a unique and stunningly beautiful place where burials and ash interments take place within a mature woodland landscape, and every need of the bereaved is anticipated and provided for.

Our customers tell us that they appreciate our woodland management programme with comments and feedback such as

the ethos is right; the setting is right, a place of celebration and healing”

“the woodland setting, though natural, looks cared for – little touches like bird feeders and an array of wild flowers”

We regularly listen and respond to changes in the environment with an active 20-30 year woodland management programme on all our parks.

Local people visit us regularly and some not so often. We host on average 30 public events a year across all our parks with an average yearly attendance of over 1500 people. We have a reach that goes far beyond the very close local geography.

These events are integral to our plan in each park to encourage and appreciate the woodland. Other events take place all year round so giving the community the chance to see the woodland in all its guises and not just in the spring and summer months.

Our woodlands are perfect for a wide spectrum of people, all of whom share an inherent and deep felt kinship with a woodland setting and is something they want to share with their friends and families when they are gone – so creating a vital link between the natural course of life for the loved ones they leave behind.

Our on-going customer research conducted both annually and after each visit reinforces this view highlighting people’s long standing relationship with the woodland. Seen as a place for enjoyment and rest people use words such as tranquillity, peace and natural. They feel connected with history and the natural cycle of life.

We also offer trust and reassurance – with many cemeteries already filling up and debate continuing around the concept of opening up graves for re-sale, we bury responsibly, having a clear plan of how many burials around a tree can maintain the natural bio-diversity of the environment. Our unique and patent-pending burial technique means that not only does this allow uncrowded reflection space but also promotes the long term health and success of the tree itself and therefore the woodland as a whole.

By expanding our parks across the UK we are committed to the concept of woodland management. This is one of our inherent business principles and guides each current park and each new park we open.

The woodland we choose also opens up opportunity for the community to take advantage of the beauty. A perfect example is our park in Chiltern which took woodland being used for large groups of unsocial behaviours and therefore causing local complaints and police activity to rise. The local residents can now enjoy 72 acres of beautiful managed woodland 365 days a year.

Our expansion programme covers the whole of the UK with a clear view on protecting and managing woodland close to large towns and so creating a natural environment and an opportunity for more people to reconnect

Our Woodlands are also good for the economy

Our woodland management programme supports the green economy by providing valuable employment for local people at each of the parks currently employing around 15 people and supporting the on-going employee engagement and training/education of the woodlands.

Our commitment to this is seen in our long term operating plans and the involvement of our company owner with a clear focus of making the business model a success.

We also pride ourselves on the great work currently underway between ourselves and the Forestry Commission who as a partner, view working with us is not about simply making up a shortfall in income but being involved in a model that will only seek to enhance the credentials of the Forestry Commission at a local level.

Other land owners might see woodland burials as an easy way to take income but few players in the market have quite the business principles and ethics that we do. We have made our business over the last 17 years on robust values translated into the work we do, the staff we employ and the opportunities we provide to the local community.

Our expertise in this area cannot easily be replicated and we are happy to advise on the use of woodlands in this way to ensure that the Forestry Commission’s objectives are met.

We are excited about the opportunity the woodlands offer us as our passion to deliver a beautiful bereavement experience.