Welcome to GreenAcres

Our Philosophy


We offer a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation options. Our aim is to achieve new heights of excellence in woodland burial provisions through purpose-designed facilities and the highest standards of personal advice.


Our parks are managed as havens for wildlife and the regeneration of native woodlands. Specialised management techniques have been developed to incorporate the burial process within a long-term plan to restore and extend native woodlands.


Our approach reinforces the principle of life’s regular renewal, the “cycle of life”, offering the opportunity to contribute to the future quality and health of the natural environment and in doing so to create a meaningful memorial to past lives. This has a particular significance for those coming to terms with their own mortality or having to accept the permanence of the loss that they have experienced.


Our Parks welcome people of all beliefs and denominations and host funerals and ceremonies, whether religious or secular. They provide for the emotional and spiritual needs both of the bereaved and of those who wish to plan for the future during their lifetime.


Everything is designed to allow the full appreciation of the natural beauty of the woodland while offering at the same time the perfect natural environment for remembrance, meditation and quiet contemplation. Our woodlands provide clean air, birdsong, woodland flowers and peace to calm a troubled mind.



A key part of what we do is offer choice. Whether its for yourself or your loved ones, a woodland burial is a growing option for many who don’t wish to have a formal or religious service or those who have chosen cremation but still want a special place to remember. You can even choose the very tree or part of the woodland you wish.

On a practical level therefore we do allow embalmed bodies to be buried in the woodland. Research suggests that the treatment during embalming is not environmentally-friendly so we do try to advise families to check whether the process is entirely necessary. We have compiled a short article on embalming if you would like to read it as a pdf to download.