Welcome to GreenAcres

Environmental Credentials

The active management of our woodland incorporates the integral nature of bio-diversity and landscapes. Chiltern for example is the first site to be completely sustainable at a bio-diversity level.

Our current woodland management programme alongside tree thinning will work to reduce the mono culture in some areas of our woodlands whilst providing a natural hedgerow to support and grow a new habitat for species. Some of the trees felled will be left to provide further habitat. In order to encourage the development of broad-leafed tress many conifers and non-native sycamores are being removed to help create layers in the woodland. Actively supporting habitat for woodland birds including the red kite and our regular species survey allows us to assess the progress we are making. We are keen to support the on-going and sustainable development of woodlands.


GreenAcres has a central aim to operate all its sites in as sustainable a way as possible.

  • We respect and nurture the woodland and landscape settings of our parks and employ strategies that actively encourage their continuous environmental improvement and the enhancement of their natural biodiversity
  • Our wood-chip burner heats our buildings and water and runs on wood from our own woodland at our Chiltern and Epping Forest site. Lower grade chip is used to make wood-chip paths for improved access within the woodland
  • Our buildings are constructed from sustainable timber
  • Our electricity is supplied from a renewable energy source
  • We compost our kitchen waste and flowers from the graves
  • Staff and visitors are encouraged to recycle wherever possible
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products and organic/fair trade tea, coffee, sugar etc
  • Sewage is processed using our own on-site Klargester treatment plant
  • Timber and other materials left over from the building process are utilised within the woodland
  • Only wooden memorials are allowed
  • Sustainable building materials are used during construction
  • Natural materials with low embedded energy, locally sourced materials and non-toxic materials are used wherever possible
  • The timber frame buildings use only FSC approved wood
  • Recycled hardcore is used for road surfaces
  • Buildings are clad using Thermowood removing need for chemical preservatives
  • External and internal finishes are OS products with ‘Blue Angel’ ecological accreditation
  • Warmcel recycled paper cellulose insulation is used in all walls and roofs
  • All waste timber is retained and reused on-site, e.g. for compost bins
  • All new trees planted are UK provenance (preferably from on-site regeneration) and produced using peat-free growing methods wherever possible

Energy sources and conservation

  • Electricity is supplied by the renewable energy company – Ecotricity
  • Heating from the boiler is powered by woodchips at Chiltern and Epping. The wood-chip used is produced on site from trees coppiced as part of the woodland management programme
  • Low energy light bulbs are used throughout
  • Outdoor lighting is programmed to only come on when needed
  • Computers are turned off at night
  • Motion sensors operate lights in the buildings

Office supplies

  • Ecologically friendly cleaning supplies and bathroom supplies, inc. recycled toilet paper and bin liners are standard
  • Stationery is recycled wherever possible

Waste management

  • All recyclable products are recycled
  • Food waste and dead flowers are composted on site (compost bins have been built by staff using waste wood from the building process)
  • Foul water is processed through Klargester
  • Wood-chip not suitable for boilers is used for creation of temporary paths throughout the woodland