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Music requests from the usual to the unusual

With music we find that people often find that to be a great way to express the life of the person who they are saying goodbye to.”

GreenAcres, is one of the UK’s longest standing woodland burial operators. For nearly two decades through our sites in Colney in Norfolk, Epping Forest in Essex, Chiltern in Buckinghamshire, Rainford near Liverpool and Heatherley Wood in East Hampshire we have been providing thoughtful funeral services to a wide audience and unlike other sections of the funeral industry we have seen major change in the way people choose to say goodbye.

Woodland burials offer an alternative to traditional funerals that combine beautiful natural surroundings with flexible ceremonies and care for the environment. When it comes to the funeral arrangements on the day, woodland burials are not so different from the more traditional approach especially with the choice of music and readings. We see a mixture of the traditional and modern songs during the service and have compiled our very own Top Ten of most requested music for a Woodland Burial.

GreenAcres Top 10 Music requests

  1. Jerusalem
  2. All things Bright and Beautiful
  3. Morning has Broken
  4. The Lord’s My shepherd
  5. My Way
  6. Ave Maria
  7. Time to say goodbye
  8. Fields of Gold
  9. Somewhere over the rainbow
  10. What a wonderful world

Why choose a woodland burial?

There are many reasons to choose a woodland burial. Cemeteries are running out of space, and it costs local authorities millions of pounds to maintain them. On top of that, many people feel that cemeteries are cold, sterile places. Cremation offers an alternative, but concerns are growing about toxic pollutants and the use of gas in the cremation process. Government and local authorities are under pressure to act in an environmentally friendly way, and it’s hard to see cremation as the answer.

Ceremonies and prices

A woodland burial can be part of a traditional funeral, or form part of an individual celebration that reflects someone’s character, way of life and beliefs. Bespoke ceremonies are often chosen, with more and more people preferring  a very personal approach. There may also be the opportunity to adapt the arrangements to your own needs – for example, by having a longer, more relaxed and reflective ceremony than would be possible at a church or crematorium.

Our Top 10 Most Unusual Music Requests gives an insight into just how personal the funeral service can be.

GreenAcres Top 10 Most Unusual Funeral Music Requests

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Stairway to Heaven
  3. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  4. Bring Me Sunshine
  5. Wade in the Water
  6. Nights in White Satin
  7. Steam Train leaving Station
  8. Tiddly widdly winky woo
  9. Hole in the Ground
  10. Disco Inferno

Helping them move on

Finally, it’s important to remember that bereavement and grieving do not end when the funeral is over. Friends and family will want to visit the grave (or just the burial site) to spend some time reflecting on the life of the individual, their memories of them and their changing feelings about their death. The ideal funeral is one that allows everyone the right amount of time to say goodbye in their own way. Choose wisely, and many can find valuable support as you find your own way to start afresh.