Welcome to GreenAcres

  1. You want something different ;the standard cremation funeral service or a plot in the noisy municipal cemetery doesn’t appeal.
  2. The environment is important ;by using simple and natural materials, which have a minimal impact on existing wildlife habitats, indigenous plants you are helping to preserving the landscape for the future.
  3. You love the countryside ; a peaceful woodland setting; an uplifting, wild and beautiful place – a perfect place to rest in peace.
  4. It’s a thoughtful decision ; you may have found that planning ahead for  your funeral is a liberating experience, allowing you to concentrate on the future, family and friends
  5. Freedom of choice ; you can have the funeral and burial that you want and give peace to your friends and family knowing they are doing what you would have wanted.

Our woodland burial parks are beautiful places with sustainable futures – let us help your last footprint be a green one